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Training & Certificate Of structural design with SAP


E-Learning & Certification of structural design with SAP, SAP2000 software is used in structural design and analysis. Students and civil engineers and related fields have dealt with this software at least once. Every year, the features of this software increase, and by maintaining a simple and clear user interface, the complexity of all kinds of calculations and analyzes is added. The 3D graphic modeling environment has made it easy for you to visualize your designs and then perform all kinds of necessary analysis on it. This software provides all the necessary needs for the designer at once and this software is practically used in the construction of structures. . Learning this software is very fast and does not require a long time to learn. Ready templates provided in the software make it possible to simulation be very complex designs. In this program, special facilities are also considered for bridge designers. SAP2000 program is the latest and most powerful generation of structural analysis program series. Using the science of engineering design, a structure with a stable, strong structure and excellent engineering capabilities is designed and executed. All stages of structure design and structure analysis are carefully examined and evaluated from all aspects. Structures that are built with detailed plans in this way are able to withstand the additional loads introduced to the entire structure, have high resistance against failure and accidents, and most importantly, remain stable and stable over a very long period of time. keep

Capabilities of SAP2000 software:

Static and dynamic analysis, linear and non-linear analysis, including seismic analysis, truck moving load analysis, and for bridges, P analysis of SHELL and FRAME structural elements, including column beams, trusses, and membrane behavior and Shell, non-linear elements, spring and connection (LINK and SPRING), multiple coordinate systems, different types of CONSTRAINT, different types of loads

Course headings list E-Learning & Certification designing structures with SAP:

+ Effective factors of the work environment + Computer and SAP software + Occupational regulations + Project quality assurance standard + Accidents and work safety tips + Costing from operations Structure design training course with SAP is useful for the following disciplines: [list_positive]
  • This course It is useful for all engineering fields.
[/list_positive] Prerequisites for the structural design training course with SAP: [list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and the course It is taught from the ground up. [/list_negative]


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