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Training & Certificate Of structural analysis


E-Learning & Certification of analyzing structure (Analyzing structure): Analyzing the structure is the process of calculating and determining the effects of loads and forces on a structure, building or an object. Structural analysis is very important for structural design engineers to fully understand load paths and the effects of loads on their engineering design. This course examines, analyzes and predicts internal forces, support reactions and deformations of structures using mathematical and physical laws. Today, a new analytical method has been presented that uses the capacity axis of a part to determine its minimum capacity for biaxial bending, as well as providing resources for the balance of internal and external forces. This course teaches this new method and capacity prediction methods. Provides sections of circular and rectangular sections in concrete and steel materials. The criteria for the design of structures before human beings achieve the behavior of structures and Materials It is chosen based on the designer’s experience and feeling about the physical behavior of the structure. Design is a process from which an optimal solution to a problem is obtained. For an optimal design, criteria such as: minimum costs, minimum weight, etc. should be considered.

Advantages of learning structural analysis:

+ Cheap materials and ease of installation and high speed of operation in setting up + Has the best physical properties

List of course headings virtual learning structural analysis :

+ Fundamental discussions of structural analysis + Analysis of structures + Structure Concrete structures + Steel structures + Strength of materials

Prerequisites for the structural analysis course:

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]


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