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Training & Certificate Of refrigeration facilities


E-Learning & Certification of cooling installations (Cooling Installations): Human environmental conditions have a direct effect on his mental states, physical condition, the way of doing work and in general all his life affairs. Since the major part of human life today is spent inside the building, creating pleasant environmental conditions in the building, whether it is a workplace or a home, etc., is very important, the most important part of which is air conditioning for the residents of the building according to the type of activity. It is people. Refrigeration facilities course by applying relevant science and technology to design, calculate and install refrigeration facilities such as building air conditioning facilities, refrigeration facilities and refrigerators, health facilities and gas supply, fire extinguishing and elevators as well as the production of refrigeration devices based on energy conversion and heat and mass transfer It has considered human comfort along with proper energy efficiency.

Effective factors in designing a suitable air conditioning system for a building:

+ Type of space or building and location + The characteristics of our exterior such as: temperature, humidity, wind, sunlight and…. + Type of building materials such as: walls, windows and… + Employer’s expectations and desirable ideas about ambient air quality

List of headings virtual learning refrigeration facilities :

+ electrical components and quantities + Refrigeration facilities 1 and 2 + Principles of maintaining refrigeration systems + Types of refrigeration systems + Design of refrigeration and cold storage systems + Compressors + Industrial piping

Prerequisite Refrigeration facilities course:

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]


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