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Training & Certificate Of sales accountant


Sales accountant E-Learning & Certification: Do you need to recognize and record sales or purchase transactions for your business? Are you keeping an accounting job? Are you studying for professional accounting or bookkeeping exams? This course is an introduction. After the course introduction, we will begin this course by introducing you to sales tax and coding as you will need a useful understanding of this course. We will prepare and settle invoices and credits with and without trade discounts. We will look at the statements and discuss the role of the AR sector. After this, we will look at the main books of entry, cross-totaling and transferring information from invoices and credits to sales books and sales returns.

What’s in the course E-Learning & Certification Sales accountant you will learn:

+ Principles of sales tax + Calculation Sales Tax + The Importance of an Invoice and What Details You’ll Find on an Invoice + Sales Invoices Prepare without discount, with trade and with settlement discount + Preparation of credit notes + Description and summary of the main details of the statement + Description of the role of the AR department + Performing cross training + Input sales and credits tot main books + Use tot main books to earn balance The final + description of the purchase process and related documents + check Purchase invoice for confirmation + Coding of purchase invoice + Re-settlement of creditors + Transferring purchases + Crossing the day books and closing them

Who is the sales accountant training course suitable for? ?

+ People interested in accounting jobs + If you are currently Are you studying professional accounting or accounting exams, this course is for you + People who want to Sales and purchases do their own accounting

Prerequisites of this course:

+ A case study is available for download in this course. We have used Excel to prepare these case studies. + Familiarity with the terms and concepts mentioned in the introductory accounting course will be an advantage.  


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