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Training & Certificate Of physical education management and planning


E-Learning & Certification of management and planning of physical education, has been created to fully familiarize people with management and planning of physical education. Physical education and sports management is the process of providing and using effective skilled and efficient manpower and the necessary tools for planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling to achieve the goals of physical education according to the system Valuable Educational planning in the broadest sense of the word is “investigation in the target society, analysis of the existing situation, discovery of deficiencies, causes and motivations for development and adoption of the best and most efficient methods to meet social demands in order to achieve better results. more comprehensive and effective”. Planning in physical education and sports is the process of making a series of decisions to take actions related to physical education and sports in the future, which you will be fully familiar with in the educational course of management and planning of physical education.

Course Headings E-Learning & Certification Physical education management and planning:

  • What is data analysis and why is it important in sports?
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    • Statistics and their role in sports
    • What is probability and how it affects sports.
    • Basics of data science
    • Python for analysis Data
    • Scale for data analysis
    • R for data analysis
    • SQL for data analysis
    • Video Analytics in Sports
    • How wearable technology is used in sports.
    • How data can be used to model and predict performances.
    • What is fan engagement and how to track it.
    • The importance of data in scouting
    • How to optimize strategic management with data analysis.
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    • Machine learning to identify match-fixing
    • How artificial intelligence can help athletes avoid injuries.
    • The future of artificial intelligence in sports
    • How sabermetrics started modern sports data analytics.
    • Expanding into new markets with the help of data
    • How the NBA is using data analytics
    • The impact of blockchain on the future of data analysis
    • How can the Internet of Things affect the future of sports data.

    Who is this course for:

    • Sports management students
    • Those interested in marketing, sponsorship and business management
    • Sports managers

    Prerequisites for the physical training management and planning course:

    [ list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and the course is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]


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