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Training & Certificate Of the principles and philosophy of physical education


E-Learning & Certification of the principles and philosophy of physical education, firstly, it deals with the concept of philosophy and helps us to gain knowledge in the field of philosophy. From this point of view, the aim of theTraining & Certificate Of the principles and philosophy of physical training is to increase the efficiency of athletes by teaching the principles and philosophy of physical training. Philosophy is considered an essential element in educational processes, so that without having foundations and thoughts philosophical It is not possible to look for goals and determine implementation methods and evaluate the results. The principle is defined as the root, base and foundation of something. It also shows the beginning and origin of an activity. “Descartes” expressed the principles as the essence of movement. In general, the principles defining beliefs and beliefs are fundamental and fundamental, therefore, it provides principles, regulations and guidelines for judging values in order to estimate a goal or create a law to move in the direction of goals. People search for realities and values using philosophical categories. Physical education teachers are able to study the nature, importance and source of values in physical education through philosophy. It is a teacher’s guide to determine the goals and principles of philosophy. It is also the link between physical education and sports and provides a logical tool for evaluating the service value of physical education and sports in formal and informal programs.  

Course headings Principles and philosophy of physical education:

  • Concepts of physical education
  • Physical education theories
  • Viewpoint Philosophers about physical education
  • Physical education in religions
  • Relationship between life and physical education
  • Types of sports
  • Relationship between physical education and science
  • Objectives of physical education
  • Principles of physical education
  • Physical education schools
  • Physical education and history
  • Physical education relationship and psychology
  Prerequisites of this course: The educational course on the principles and philosophy of physical education does not require special prerequisites and the course is based on training is given.


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