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Training & Certificate Of material resistance


E-Learning & Certification of material resistance, material resistance is a part of material science that studies the strength of engineering materials and their mechanical behavior in general (such as stress, strain, deformation and relationships between stress and strain) . The main goal of the training course on the strength of materials is to provide a resource that future engineers can use to analyze and design various machines and load-bearing structures. The analysis and design of any known structure includes the calculation of stresses and deformations. In material science, the resistance of a material is its ability to endure (tolerate) the load without failure. Summary of this course: Force: It is a factor that causes movement when it is applied to objects. or change shape.

Types of forces:

1) volumetric and mass forces: forces that are applied to mass particles, such as weight force and magnetic force. 2) Surface forces: Force applies force to a specific surface. 3) Internal forces: Every body consists of tiny particles that are placed at a large distance from each other compared to the diameter of the particles, and the strong intermolecular attraction keeps these particles together. This distance is a fixed value. Whenever an external force is applied to a body, internal forces are necessarily created in it, which causes the shape of the body to change.

Course headings E-Learning & Certification resistance of materials:

+ Resistance of materials + Solving the problems of resistance of materials. + General concepts of stress + Stress analysis in members under axial load + Strain and shape change in members under the effect of axial load (definition of strain, stress-strain relationships, Hooke’s uniaxial law, investigation of stress curves- Strain for different materials, thermal strain, using the equation of compatibility of change of places to solve problems. Lateral strain, Poisson’s ratio. Hooke’s generalized equations for Homogeneous isotropic materials. Volumetric strain and bulk modulus, stress in thin-walled cylinder and sphere under internal pressure (+ torsion + pure bending + shear stress under the effect of lateral force + Changes in stress and strain + beams rise

Prerequisites of the material resistance training course:

This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics.


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