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Virtual pastry training


Virtual pastry training: Sweet refers to food whose main ingredient is sugar or powdered sugar or artificial sweeteners, and its definition is so broad that it includes chocolates. In most sweets, flour and eggs are another main ingredient besides the sweetener.

Kinds of sweets

Mostly, sweets are included in the following categories:
Cakes: in the composition of this material, flour and eggs are definitely used and there are two types The main ones are sponge cakes and oil cakes. In terms of types, muffins, pound cakes, filled cakes, chiffon cakes, etc. are included in this category. has been used. If the tart is prepared in small forms, tartlet (Tartlet) called
It will be.
Chocolate: In this sweet, the main ingredients are cocoa, sugar and oil. In some of its types, flour is also used.
Slices: This type of pastry usually has two layers, the bottom and the top, and the bottom layer is a combination of flour and the top layer, or a combination of flour or another material. May it give the topping a beautiful appearance and at the same time, pocked and tasty. It should be noted that slices are small square or rectangular pieces that are obtained by cutting larger pieces.
Pies: in fact, they are a kind of sweet tart whose top is covered with a layer of dough. and are divided. Dry sweets are sweets that do not use cream in their preparation and can be stored for a long time. Among the most famous of these sweets, we can mention tongue, raisin, Danish and jam sweets. Wet sweets are sweets that are made with cream and must be kept in the refrigerator for storage. Among the most famous of these sweets, we can mention cream sweets and rolls. Iran also has authentic old sweets such as Gaz and Sohan.

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+ Desserts and sweets + Storage and preparation of bread + Production of cereal products + Homemade cakes + How to prepare different types of jelly

Prerequisites for the E-Learning & Certification course Pastry:

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and the course is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]
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