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E-Learning & Certification of legendary literature


E-Learning & Certification of legendary literature, Afsane, which was called afsân in Middle Persian language. It means a fictional story. void of any truth. The myth, the broken Arabic plural of which is mostly used in mythology, has an Indo-European origin. It also has derivatives in Indo-European languages. In Sanskrit, Sutra means story. which is mostly used in Buddhist writings. In Greek, Historia means search and knowledge, in French, Histoire, in English it is used in two ways: Story, which means story, and History, which means history, report, and narrative. Those who are engaged in the research, analysis and understanding of legends, both in the past and today, have not found a clear, precise and acceptable definition for legend. Rather, each of them has defined it according to their desires and social affiliations. Sometimes there are problems in the experts’ definition of legend. The reason is that they look at the legend with faith. Legend always involves the narration of a creation. That is, it says how something came into being. And it has started its existence. In the training course of legendary literature, you will get to know the structure, causes and functions of legends.

Summary of this period:

The legend only talks about something that really happened and appeared completely. Legendary characters are supernatural beings. And they are famous only because of what they did in the beginning of everything. Mythology reveals their creative work. And they reveal the holiness or supernatural nature of their actions. On the other hand, there are others who look at the myth simply out of denial. This group sees the myth as one of the old and obsolete historical patterns or systems that human progress has made obsolete. According to Jung and Freud, mythology is a knowledge that is born from the symbolic projection of psychological experiences of mankind.

Course headings virtual learning legendary literature:

+ Myth and reality

Prerequisites of the legendary literature course:

This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics.
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