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E-Learning & Certification of Iranian culture and civilization


E-Learning & Certification of Iranian culture and civilization is made to familiarize people with Iranian culture. Iran is a very complex and amazing country and civilization; With history is very bright and long. One of the first places where human beings established collective life and created cities and brilliant buildings. A country at the crossroads of great human civilizations, bordering India on one side and Northeast and Central Asia on the other side, in constant interaction with the great culture and civilization of China. From the west, it borders with Greece and the Eastern Roman Empire, and from the north, it is in constant contact with the Russians, and from the south, the Arabs. Perhaps the most amazing characteristic of Iran is the survival of its special culture. A culture that has continued with its evolutions and changes since long ago and has offered the most brilliant civilizational products to humanity at some points in time.

What is culture and civilization?

Culture is defined as a complex set of knowledge, beliefs, arts, laws, morals, habits and everything that a person learns from his society as a member of society. Every region of every country can have a different culture from other regions of that country. Culture is transferred to the next generation through education; While genetics is transmitted by inheritance. Culture is the common way of human life, thought and action. Culture includes art, literature, science, creations, philosophy and religion.

List of course titles E-Learning & Certification Iranian culture and civilization:

    • History of Iran 1
    • History of Iran 2
    • History of Iran 3
    • Cultural and artistic heritage of Iran
    • Islamic culture and civilization

The E-Learning & Certification course on Iranian culture and civilization is useful for the following fields:

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  • History
  • Archaeology
  • Literature

Prerequisites of the Iranian culture and civilization course:

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