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E-Learning & Certification to cook majlisi kebabs


E-Learning & Certification for cooking majlisi kebabs, has been created to familiarize people with cooking majlisi kebabs. Iranian table is a colorful table and the food culture of this land is also very rich. In different regions of Iran, according to the available facilities, various local foods are prepared. But in this country, there are also dishes that are considered to be among its traditional and national dishes due to their popularity all over the country, and one of these dishes is kebab. Kebab is one of the most famous Iranian dishes, which is famous worldwide and is visited by many tourists. Foreigners who travel to Iran tend to definitely try this Iranian food. The popularity of kebab for Iranians is such that they do not neglect this food even in their foreign trips, and in fact, kebab is one of the symbols of Iranian food. Kebab is one of the most popular dishes and a regular part of most parties, gatherings and entertainments. in the preparation of red meat kebab; Most of the mutton is minced, cut into pieces, veal and chicken are also used, which are flavored with onions and spices. Barbecue is usually prepared on a metal or wooden skewer over charcoal. Due to its special geography, there are many types of kebabs in Iran and they are cooked in different ways. The most famous types of kebabs are Chanjeh kebab, sour kebab, pounded kebab, leaf kebab, Soltani kebab, Dosh kebab, chicken kebab, shishlik kebab, Bakhtiari kebab, goose kebab, cheese kebab, Turkish kebab, Hosseini kebab, two-color kebab. , special kebabs, chicken kebabs, pan and wooden kebabs, etc. In the training course on cooking barbecues, you will get to know how to prepare different types of barbecues for parties.

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