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Training & Certificate Of mirroring


Mirror Art E-Learning & Certification is a kind of interior decoration of the building, by gluing small pieces of mirror in different geometric shapes and flowers. In the mirror making training course, the mirror artist creates a bright and beautiful space in the buildings by using glass and cutting it into various shapes, which creates radiation, shine and beauty in the decorations of the buildings from the reflection of light in countless mirror pieces, and a very suitable and beautiful cover for Building decoration is in terms of strength and durability. This art is one of the branches of Iran’s decorative arts and is one of the special initiatives of Iranian artists. Today, mirror work in architecture may not be as full as it was in the past, but with a different perspective, this Art and its creative uses can be used to create a different and luxurious atmosphere.

Advantages of mirroring:

  • Adding depth to the space
  • Increasing ambient light by mirrors
  • Increasing area and Ceiling and wall height
  • Covering the walls with mirrors

An option on the contents of this course:

Usually, the mirror is installed on the wall in a beautiful frame made of wood or metal. or placed on a console in harmony with other decorative accessories of the environment, which in this situation, in addition to the practical role of the mirror as a reflection of people’s purity, it is also considered a beautiful decoration for the environment. The question is, should the mirror always have a round, rectangular or oval and square frame? The answer is no. By choosing your favorite designs such as: flower, heart, clock, profile, fantasy designs or even slim designs and cutting the mirror to that design and shape, you can create a different and beautiful mirror that will praise your special choice by Others can have it.

List of headings E-Learning & Certification mirroring :

+ History of mirror and mirror work + Principles and basics of mirror work + Mirroring objects + Mirroring the wall Prerequisites of this course: The mirroring course does not require special prerequisites. And it is taught from the ground up.
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