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E-Learning & Certification of Persian poetry and literature


E-Learning & Certification of Persian poetry and literature, students interested in Persian poetry and literature can learn all the grammar points of Persian language in literary fields such as poetry, fiction, etc., by studying in this course, all They learn the literary arrays and the principles and techniques of poetry and literary texts completely.

Persian poetry and literature course:

Adab is used in the word to mean: culture, knowledge, art, good manners, and rudeness. Courtesy refers to all the pleasant actions that come from the soul, and its difference with morality is that morality refers to both pleasant and unpleasant actions. In general terms, literature has a wide meaning, but in specific terms, literature means Gunagoni is used, some of which are mentioned: literature is the kind of words that are superior to ordinary words. and higher As people considered those words worthy of recording and reciting, and they were changed by hearing and reading them and felt sadness and happiness or joy and sorrow. Its main feature is that it is based on emotion, imagination, meaning and style. Therefore, all the reserves of taste and intellectual heritage of the peoples and nations of the world, which humans have made it their endeavor to record, transmit and publish, can be called literature.

List of course titles E-Learning & Certification Persian poetry and literature:

+ Introduction to Iranian culture and literature + History of Iranian literature + Persian grammar + rhyme, prosody, stylistics and literary criticism + literary arrays + Lines and music of poetry

Persian poetry and literature course is useful for the following fields:

+ Literature + Teacher training + Translation

Pre The requirements of the Persian poetry and literature course:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics.


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