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Training & Certificate Of Open Source software support engineer in Linux


E-Learning & Certification of open source software support engineer in Linux: Software support expert such as deployment expert, usually in software manufacturing companies or repair and support centers, is responsible for solving the problems of software users. has it. In most software companies, there is a department called the support unit. where support specialists provide services to the company’s customers.

When we buy or download software, we usually have a copy of the software ready to use. Is. The software code is entered in it, and for this reason, the internal codes of the software are not visible to the user. In other words, the source code is not accessible to the user.Therefore, making any changes in computer software Normally impossible. This is considered an advantage that is used by most commercial software manufacturers to prevent copying and tampering with the software..

Compiler is a code that helps to return the information to the source code and reduces the chances of copying the software. This method is a guarantee that enables manufacturers to increase their production. And in the next editions, present their products to the market with better quality. However, a software open source , it is just the opposite. There are various examples of open source software. which we usually use for daily use.

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Open Source software supporter in Linux is a software engineer who works in IT, ICT and IKT centers, technology parks, companies, institutions, organizations, and ministries. Based on the job description according to the software engineering to support open source software in Linux and Unix environment, he can perform duties in the system and application software support engineering team. Also, he is a support engineer for Open Source software in Linux, responsible for working with Operating Systems, working with Web servers and web applications, working with Networking, working with Identity and authentication, working with Groupware, working with work, Messaging and Mail with work. RDBMs database servers and Desktop with work, Help desk request tracking with work, Teamwork and Calendaring with work and IDEs. Source code version control systems work, office productivity written Bespoke applications will be based on the principles of software engineering.

Course headings virtual learning Open Source software support engineer in Linux:

+ Getting to know the basics of working with SUSE LINUX + Getting to know the basics of working with MySQL + Getting to know the basics of working with PostgreSQL + Getting to know the basics of working with C++ + Getting to know the basics of working with PHP + Identifying the principles of working with Python

Duties of a software support expert

+ Reinstalling the software on the server or the client’s computer in case of failure After the establishment and initial installation + make the desired settings of the customer in the software according to the new needs created for him + Participating in internal meetings of the support group for more coordination with team members. + Training customers on how to use the software, obtaining reports and How to deal with possible errors + Participation in specialized training classes to improve your knowledge and skill level + Provide periodical reports to the support manager

Prerequisites for the Open Source software support engineer training course in Linux:

[list_negative] + This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]


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