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Training & Certificate Of software quality engineer


E-Learning & Certification of software quality engineer: A software quality engineer is a computer engineer with software engineering education who can work in software engineering teams in IT, ICT, IKT computer centers and organizations and companies. Perform duties in support engineering, solution engineering, coding engineering, test engineering, maintenance engineering and project management. Also, a software quality engineer is an engineer who is responsible for knowing SOFTWARE QUALITY, how to perform responsibilities and duties, work with activities in the software life cycle, work with software life cycle models, and work with increasing team productivity. Working with a quality life for testing, working with static verification approaches, modern control cycle, working with SCM (management configuration software), working with infrastructure tools, working with CMMI components, performing improving processes, working with ISO quality standards, working with The structure of an ISO quality system, working with the SQA “team”, checking whether SQA is done or not, working with the metrics domain, designing and implementing metrics. Working with the structure of a quality system, working with leading blueprints regarding system quality, working with Surviving for certification process. Development of a quality system. This program is designed for software quality control and assurance managers, project managers and software development team members who are interested in increasing the probability of project success. This course covers quality control trends and methods and It examines software assurance as well as supporting disciplines such as software project management, software configuration management, and release management. Successful software assurance is the result of the combination and integration of these methods and is complementary to SE.

What’s in the E-Learning & Certification software quality engineer you will learn:

+ Write a software quality plan + Define software quality criteria Create + software quality control lists + a general development process improvement program Do + understand how to best help your colleagues in production quality + assurance From the highest possible quality products + deliver value added products + by providing quality Above, help your company to get more business.

Who is the software quality engineer training course suitable for? Students of quality control, quality assurance and quality management. + Software developers + Software project managers and team leaders + Example: The beginner level course is ideally suited for someone who a little About software quality assurance.

Prerequisites of this course:

+ Have general knowledge about software life cycles + No need to know any programming language  


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