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Training & Certificate Of BI manager in information technology – business intelligence


E-Learning & Certification of the BI manager in information technology – business intelligence: Business intelligence is the knowledge that is the result of analyzing the purchase and sale information of a company or organization. It also provides valuable and understandable information to users or customers and other factors influencing the company’s work process. It also suggests solutions to improve the existing conditions and return the investment faster and identifies possible defects.

Course headings Virtual Learning BI Manager in IT – Business Intelligence:

+ Data Mining + Business intelligence and its application + Data base + Familiarity With the database + creating and running a business + data flow diagram

What tools does BI use?

Business intelligence includes a wide range of data analysis applications, including: information analysis, enterprise reporting, processing analytics online. These tools They are developed based on OLAP technology, which stands for On-Line Analytical Processing. Advanced data visualization tools are used to design various charts. Also programs BI support advanced forms. including data mining, forecasting, extracting text from data and statistics. For example, after entering the information of a chain store, the data is classified and analyzed in such categories. Time, place, highest sales volume, top selling products, low profit products. Advanced data visualization tools are used to design various charts. Reporting tools can include simple tools such as SAP Crystal Reports. Or to provide reports in complex ERP packages such as – SAP R / 3 and Oracle E-Business Suite.

Prerequisites of the training course for the BI manager in information technology – business intelligence:

[list_negative] + This course does not require special prerequisites and Basic training is provided. [/list_negative]


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