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Training & Certificate Of information technology management


E-Learning & Certification of information technology management, is a new management based on the use of modern technologies, which is important in two ways: a) development of information technology hardware b) application of modern information technology software, the use of information technology in every field, because The need and dependence on up-to-date information in our field has significantly improved the productivity of the main industries, and also creates new methods for better and more efficient use of the relevant technologies. And the realization of this requires a new and efficient approach in the subject of management. Information technology management is not specialized in any particular discipline, but as an interdisciplinary branch, it can provide knowledge based on the realization and operationalization of any subject by relying on the complex technologies of the day and based on the strategic goal. To update awareness of the relevant information and how to use it, to have intelligent supervision.

What is information technology?

In a more precise definition from a systems perspective, information technology as an aspect of technological is known as an information system which includes hardware, database to software, network and other electronic tools. Information technology is actually a subset of information system. In this course, information technology is used in its general sense and to describe the information system, its users and managers.

Why is information technology used?

Information technology has become the most important provider of business facilities. The capabilities that exist in information technology, as an accelerator of fundamental changes, pursue the following 5 goals: + Productivity improvement + Reducing costs + Improving decision making + Improving customer communication + Developing new strategic plans

Course headings Virtual Learning IT Management:

+ Information Technology Basics + Management information systems + Advanced management theories + Artificial intelligence + Knowledge management + Electronic government + Statistical analysis

Information technology management training course prerequisite:

[list_negative] + This course requires prerequisite There is no special need and it is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]


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