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MBA E-Learning & Certification in general management


virtual MBA training in general management, management at the middle and high levels of the organization requires a comprehensive and all-round view, which cannot be achieved only by acquiring technical expertise in a specific management orientation. The top manager must consider the whole organization and understand the activities of the lower parts of the organization in order to be able to move the whole organization forward. The rapid cycle of information and events around managers takes place so quickly that it deprives managers of the opportunity to study and research to determine the correct and reliable strategy, and as a result, it will be difficult for managers to determine the right solution. Iranian E-Learning & Certification Foundation, understanding this issue and in order to respond to it, relying on its long history in designing and holding MBA courses, designed the MBA has a general management orientation. The purpose of holding these courses is to train effective managers for the organization’s strategic jobs, so that they can serve at a high level in all kinds of organizations with their multidimensional vision. In this trend, due to the lack of time of managers and those interested in participating in the course, basic, necessary and diverse management topics of the organization are discussed and in a short time, the main and important information of each topic is transferred to the participants and improves knowledge and insight. And their skills become.

Course Headings E-Learning & Certification MBA in general management:

+ strategic planning + sustainable competitive advantage + concept of strategy + The role of human resources management in organizations + Strategy formulation + Human resource management knowledge evolution + Human resource management + Strategic management in innovation technology + Human resource management versus employee management + Human resource management at a glance + The basics of human resources management + The importance of human resources management for organizations + The importance of the comparative approach in human resource management studies + Human resource management approaches

Prerequisites of the MBA training course in general management :

This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics.
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