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Training & Certificate Of sports law


E-Learning & Certification of sports law, has been created to fully familiarize people with the rules and regulations of sports law. Sports rights is a set of regulations that governs all sports affairs, including athletes, technical managers, spectators, sports headquarters management, sports doctors, sports equipment manufacturers and sellers of sports equipment and finally employees of sports organizations. This is a general definition, which means the set of rules and regulations governing the entire sport is apparently the most important part of sports law, rules and regulations related to athletes and responsibilities arising from sports events. In general, in all the countries of the world, sports have special public support, because the goals of sports are actually the education of the generation, prosperity, empowerment, vitality, health, and finally the preparation of the most important pillar of development, which is human beings, and should not be based on political, economic, and social aspects. It simply passed. For this reason, they have considered very special rules and privileges to support this activity and this institution.

The following points are taken into consideration in sports law:

+In the event that accidents are caused by operations, it is not a crime if there is no violation of regulations. +Intentionally and unintentionally performing a sports movement against the regulations does not affect responsibility, it only affects the amount of punishment, such as: retribution and… +If a sports movement leads to a disability and the referee doesn’t consider it fair, the injured person can complain.

Course chapters E-Learning & Certification sports rights are:

  • General rules of criminal law
  • Evolution of sports laws in Iran and the world
  • Duties and responsibilities Legal and criminal issues in sports
  • Sports contracts and its legal status
  • Crowd and crisis management in sports competitions and fields
  • International doping code (identification and punishments)
  • sports law

who is this course for:

  • athletes
  • law

Prerequisites for the sports law course:

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and the course teaches the basics to be [/list_negative]
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