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E-Learning & Certification for company registration


E-Learning & Certification of company registration, was created to fully familiarize people with company registration. According to the definition in the established laws, any company, both Iranian and foreign, if they intend to operate officially in the country., is required to register and legalize the business. has its own This action must first be prepared in the form of an official application for company registration or brand registration and submitted to the relevant legal authority. Otherwise, all the future activities of that company will be considered illegal. and will include a fine, liquidation of the company and sometimes a ban on activities. For this reason, it is better to follow all the legal procedures and register your activity at the very beginning of the journey.

Company registration in Iran:

In Iran, the responsibility of company registration is the responsibility of the country’s property and documents registration organization, which is the responsibility of the company registration department in this organization. Whenever you decide to start a legal association, you must first register your company and this should be done immediately and at most after a few months. There must be an idea to start and register the company. Fortunately, today, setting up and registering a company is not so difficult, and due to the support received from companies, it is possible to start a company with only one issue and use government loans and services to achieve the issue.

Introduction of the types of company registration:

The types of company registration in the form of a list are:
  • Registration of a limited liability company
  • Registration of a private limited company
  • Registration of a joint-stock company
  • Register of a cooperative company
  • Register of a partnership
  • Register of a non-commercial organization
  • Register of a foreign company representative
  • >

Course prerequisites E-Learning & Certification company registration:

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and the course is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]
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