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Firework computer E-Learning & Certification


Firework computer E-Learning & Certification: Firework is a graphic design software especially for web designers. This software provides attractive features for web designers. In this course, the essential Fireworks CS6 tutorial, as he shows how to create custom web graphics and website mockups with Adobe Fireworks CS6 shows. The first chapters cover the basics: how to navigate the interface and create and organize documents. This course goes on to cover all the fundamentals of fireworks design, from drawing simple lines and shapes to applying fills, strokes, and blurs to cover objects. The course also covers how to move, scale, and reshape text and images, as well as create icons, use sprites, and integrate CSS and jQuery Mobile. MX WORKS FIRE work computer is someone who is capable of the basics and concepts of the software and its environment SELECT and form Trans work objects with map Bit and Vector and text effect Live Layers – Masks – Combinations – Symbol styles Url- Slice – Rollover- Hotspot . Making buttons and Up-POP menu animation optimization and exporting -Task Repetitidtve Automating and collaborate with web page design teams or building multimedia systems.  

Advantages of Fireworks virtual computer training course:

+ Fireworks is a web graphics software that works with Pixel. And both Vector and drawing of both graphic modes can be done in one environment and side by side. And this is very important in the speed of work, that the use of Vector itself is a big advantage of this software. Because vector images do not have a size problem and can be easily enlarged and reduced. + Fireworks also has the ability to create Gif Animation. + This software has the ability of Image Map to enable the part of the photo that is intended. Link that has the ability to be both rectangular and an irregular shape like a map. + Fireworks is able to slice images, that is, to cut images into several smaller pieces, which I will talk about in the following sections. + Fireworks has the ability to create popup menus as well, which is done by the famous web programming language, javascript. + Even with this software, you can design the website layout. + And one of the most important features that Fireworks provides us is that this software can create XML. That is, design a template for Fireworks and change its images on different pages. and read photos from an XML file, this solution was introduced in Fireworks MX and expanded to Fireworks MX 2004.  

What you will learn in Fireworks virtual computer training course:

+ Working with menus, panels and properties of the object object + Save and export files + Graphic optimization + Using opacity, blending modes and live filters to draw objects + Drawing vector shapes + Masking objects + Animating with states + using Scale tool 9 cut + Create icons and symbols for spirit + using batch commands + Create jQuery Mobile Templates  

Prerequisites of this course:

+ This course does not require special prerequisites and is based on Education It will be given.


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