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E-Learning & Certification to prepare and test penetration in the network


E-Learning & Certification for preparing and testing penetration in the network, this standard includes and covers the appropriate standard method for preparing and testing penetration in the network. Competency elements of preliminary and supplementary investigation and diagnosis with network security, investigation and identification of the intruder and his duties, investigation and identification of penetration testing methodology, investigation and identification of network penetration testing, investigation of identification of penetration testing using the black box method, investigation of identification of penetration testing using the method The white box and ethical influence of CEH are described in this course. Also, the performance criteria of each competency element has been calculated based on the national professional standard.

Summary of this course:

Any computer program that is designed and implemented to run in a network environment, should pay special attention to the category Security Web programs use the network infrastructure (intranet, internet) to provide their services to users, and it is necessary to control how users can access these types of programs, and according to the existing policies, access should be provided. At first, network users should be identified and after confirming their identity, access to the program should be provided according to the defined permissions. NET.ASP (Microsoft platform) for designing and implementing web applications uses three main methods to identify users and grant the necessary permissions to access and use a web application: + Windows Authentication + Forms Authentication + Passport Authentication

List of course topics E-Learning & Certification Preparation and network penetration testing:

+ Security in computer networks + Security in wireless networks + Security in WiFi networks + Education + computer networks + security of wireless networks

course Training for preparation and network penetration testing is useful for the following disciplines:

+ Information Technology + Hardware + Software + Security + This course can be useful for any discipline.

Prerequisites of the network penetration test and preparation training course:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics.


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