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Training & Certificate Of excellent and professional DBA business management


Doctor of business administration DBA management E-Learning & Certification: Designed to provide leaders, managers and business professionals with an opportunity to take the next step beyond an MBA or equivalent degree. follow them The purpose of this course is to strengthen the managerial skills and knowledge of senior managers of organizations. So, the atmosphere of the DBA course is based on business and commerce. Therefore, the PhD degree is suitable for people who intend to become professional researchers or university lecturers in the field of management, while the DBA course, focusing on the skills of managers, tries to improve managers and education in the field of business.

Difference between DBA and PHD:

The goal of the specialized doctoral course in basic sciences and engineering is to produce new knowledge based on research in laboratory or library fields in such a way that In the course DBA, the student learns the principles of research in the organization in a practical way in order to acquire the skills of implementation in this direction in addition to expanding management knowledge. Graduates of the professional higher business management course can take over the management of large organizations, conduct research to expand management sciences, and work as consultants to solve organizational problems of important businesses.

Advantages of excellent and professional business management:

+ The field of business management has a good market – every organization needs people who have a degree in business management. + the ability to perform a desired task + the ability to set up consulting organizations in the business sector

list of headings E-Learning & Certification excellent professional business management :

_ principles and basics Organization and management – principles and basics of planning – principles and basics of knowledge management – basics of starting a business – principles and basics of decision making – principles and basics of research method – principles and basics of economics – principles and basics of successful negotiation – writing code Human resource management _ knowledge management _ management and organization _ creativity management

The course Excellent and professional business management is useful for the following fields:

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Accounting

Prerequisites for the high and professional business management training course:

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