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E-Learning & Certification of knowledge management


E-Learning & Certification of knowledge management, We live in a world that undergoes rapid and inevitable changes due to globalization. In this world, the economy has moved towards a knowledge-based economy and has challenged many of the current equations of countries, which is itself the result of information and communication technology. Convin organizations attach more importance to understanding, adapting and managing changes in the surrounding environment. and in the acquisition and application of knowledge and Info Rozamad has gone ahead in order to improve operations and provide better services and products to clients. Such organizations need to use a new style of management called “knowledge management”. Some organizations believe that knowledge can be managed by focusing only on people, technology and techniques. The teaching organization and the learner share this category that every individual or group must constantly acquire new knowledge and skills. Learning organizations continuously improve themselves by effectively developing leadership skills in their employees. Experienced leaders prioritize learning and are passionate about learning and teaching. In an environment where the search for knowledge and new perspectives is considered an acceptable norm, employees are more willing to search for market changes and find new answers for them. The duty of leaders in teaching organizations is to take control of human capital and create added value for it, and this is possible only by teaching.

What in the E-Learning & Certification you will learn knowledge management:

+ Understand knowledge management. + Know the history and different aspects of knowledge management. + Understand the definition and history of knowledge organization. + Be introduced to the knowledge market. + Understand the different concepts of knowledge management. + Be aware of different examples of knowledge management.

Who is this course for:

Anyone seeking to understand knowledge management and its practical application in an IT and non-IT environment.

Knowledge Management training course prerequisites:

+ Basic understanding of the business industry + English language knowledge
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