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Training & Certificate Of entrepreneurial management


Entrepreneurship Management E-Learning & Certification course to achieve innovation and use deadlines with many efforts and accepting financial, psychological and social risks that lead to receiving financial benefits, obtaining demand, Personal satisfaction and independence are achieved. Entrepreneurs born with these management skills come from a rare breed of people with intelligence, great heart and creative skills. They have vision and confidence, communicate well with boundless energy and a strong passion for what they do. Participants in this course should have practical work experience in one of the private, public and government sectors. Graduates of Entrepreneurship as lecturers, managers of institutions, researchers and experts in entrepreneurship management with knowledge and skills and an entrepreneurial attitude into economic fields – socialize the country and help accelerate the process of sustainable national development.

Advantages of E-Learning & Certification course on entrepreneurial management:

  • Your destiny is in your own hands.
  • Distinguish yourself from others.
  • Develop your inherent abilities.
  • Don’t underestimate the financial benefits.
  • Enjoy what you do.

List of course headings E-Learning & Certification Entrepreneurship management:

[list_positive] _ definitions of entrepreneurship _ basics of entrepreneurship _ theories of entrepreneurship _ basics Entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurship Management – Theories of Entrepreneurship Management – Entrepreneurship and Business Management – Opportunism in Entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurship and Sociology – Organizational Behavior – Organizational Behavior Management – Organizational Behavior Management 2 – Organizational Behavior Management and Human Resources – Marketing Principles – Strategies Pricing _ Economics of Culture and Globalization _ Business Creation _ E-Commerce _ Instant Marketing _ Business Plan Formulation _ Team Formation _ Global Entrepreneurship Report [/list_positive]

Entrepreneurship management is useful for the following disciplines:

  • Management
  • Information Technology
  • Public Relations
  • Tourism
  • E-Business

Entrepreneurship management training course prerequisites:

  • Business management
  • Strategic management of entrepreneurship
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In this helpline program, RCO Academy helps you to receive a degree equivalent to your skill level by participating in the virtual course or by evaluating your supporting documents.

In this program, you can be evaluated by sending your educational records, skill training courses, a C.V of valid work experience, or participating in RCO online exam.

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