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Edios E-Learning & Certification


Edius E-Learning & Certification, Edius is a very powerful and professional software in the field of assembling, editing and mixing 4K, 3D, HD, SD video files. This professional software is a product of Canopus company, which has various features. Also, this company has prepared a hardware card for this product so that professional users can assemble images using the capture card and this software in a completely specialized way.

Summary of this course:

Edios software is used for editing. This software is a practical and ideal program for lovers and professionals in this field. Many businesses, including filmmakers, video newsletters, universities, radio and television, film studios, commercial companies and government organizations use this software. Considering that this software provides you with many options, it makes you more creative. By using the software audios Speed up your visual tasks. Most of the programs that exist in this field require a powerful system for rendering and are very slow. Finally, one has to wait for a long time to see the result of one’s efforts. To solve this problem, Edios software supports the latest video recording formats. Due to this feature, it is possible to simultaneously process several layers with 4k quality, including color correction and various filters.

Course headings E-Learning & Certification Edios :

+ Getting to know Edios software + with training videos

Edios training course prerequisites:

This course has special prerequisites It is not required and it is taught from the ground up.


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