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Training & Certificate Of Fluent software


E-Learning & Certification of Fluent software, is for familiarizing people with this software. FLUENT software is the pinnacle of programming art for modeling fluid flow and heat transfer in complex geometries. FLUENT software provides the possibility of complete mesh modification and flow analysis with unstructured meshes for complex geometries. The types of meshes that can be generated and received by this software group include meshes with triangular and quadrilateral elements (for 2D geometries) and tetrahedral, hexagonal, pyramidal or wedge elements (for 3D geometries). FLUENT also allows the user to improve the mesh (for example, fine or coarse mesh at the boundaries and necessary locations in the geometry). FLUENT software, solution optimization and Grid provides the user with the ability to plot results in regions with large eddies (such as the boundary layer, etc.) Make it more precise. These capabilities significantly reduce the time required to generate a good mesh compared to solving structured meshes. This software is written in C programming language and uses all the power and flexibility of this language. As a result, FLUENT software enables the use of dynamic memory, the appropriate structure of data and information, and the flexible control of calculations.

Capabilities and capabilities of FLUENT software:

FLUENT software has the ability to simulate and model the following:
  • Flow in complex two-dimensional and three-dimensional geometries by using unstructured calculations and network optimization and solving.
  • Compressible and incompressible flow
  • Steady or transient analysis
  • Viscous, slow and turbulent flows
  • Newtonian fluids and non-Newtonian
  • convective heat transfer including free or forced convection
  • convective/conductive heat transfer combination
  • radiative heat transfer
  • rotating frames model or static
  • Sliding meshes and moving meshes
  • Chemical reactions and compounds, including combustion and reactive models

List of course titles E-Learning & Certification Fluent software:

+ FLUENT user guide with training videos

Fluent software course is useful for the following disciplines:

+ + programming software

Fluent software training course prerequisites:

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and is from the basic is taught. [/list_negative]


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