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Gambit software E-Learning & Certification


E-Learning & Certification of Gambit software, GAMBIT software is a suitable program for geometric design of the problem, like AutoCAD. whose output is the input of Fluent software. You can use GAMBIT to create your own geometry and create a mesh for it, or to import geometry created by other CAD/CAE software and make changes and Use mesh production on it.

Features of GAMBIT software:

– Geometrical design – Mesh generation to solve the flow – Tools to check mesh quality – High quality triangular and quadrilateral mesh generation

Summary of this course:

h4> Physical phenomenon can be predicted by two experimental methods (laboratory) and theoretical calculations. Detailed information about a physical process is obtained by experimental measurements. In this way, a device completely similar to the measuring device is made in real size and tested under similar conditions. Using the obtained results, it is possible to comment on other devices similar to the mentioned device; But in most cases, making the device in real size and testing with this device is very difficult and expensive. For this reason, they often make laboratory devices in smaller dimensions than the real device, and after conducting the tests, they extend the results to the real device. It should be noted that the device in small dimensions cannot simulate all aspects of the device in real dimensions. On the other hand, the extension of the results from the laboratory device to the real-size device is always accompanied by errors. In addition to the two mentioned cases, the experimental method is based on measurement and of course is associated with error.

Course headings Virtual Learning Gambit Software:

+ Gambit software training + Step-by-step design and analysis of laminar flow field + Design and analysis of the turbulent flow field + Design and analysis of the time-dependent flow field on the cylinder + Analysis of flow field and convection and radiation heat transfer + Analysis of compressible flow field

Gambit software training course prerequisites:

This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics.


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