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Tekla software E-Learning & Certification


Tekla software E-Learning & Certification, Tekla Structures 21.1 software, which is sometimes known by the XSTEEL brand, is a very famous, useful and professional software. which is for the design and modeling of very advanced and modern metal and concrete structures such as stadiums and towers for the use of civil, structural engineers and producers of executive plans and manufacturers of metal structures. which by modeling 3D of them are able to analyze and design all structures. This software has this capability while providing an easy environment and correct use. To produce all the structural drawings as much as the workshop drawings with all the details and information fully automatically and without the need for any manual drawing. The steel part of this software is known as Xsteel. This section also draws the complete and accurate design, control and completion of steel connections.

Tekla Structures software features:

+ The possibility of building metal and concrete structure models with all the details of real implementation. + Analysis and design of all structures in the form of 3D models. + Display of the model made in the computer with details such as washers, bolts, chamfers, sheets. + Moving through the model and seeing it from different angles, you can move through it like an observing engineer. + Ability to analyze and design all kinds of structures in new versions. + Ability to generate workshop plans for construction and installation automatically. + Provide a variety of material and listofer estimation reports for executive works, parts list for bolts and nuts with length. + Ability to divide large projects into several parts to separate into several phases. + The possibility of group work on one project at a time to speed up the project. + The possibility of communicating and entering information with other software such as: Pdms, SAP2000, ETABS, Staadpro, Microstation and… + Transferring information in a readable manner by different CNC machines. + Presentation of cutting plan to minimize the deviation of sheet structures in the workshop. + No need for any manual drawing of the structure. + Design of steel connections in a complete and accurate way.

What in the E-Learning & Certification Tekla software you will learn:

+ To learn how to do 3D modeling and detailing for concrete and steel structures

Tekla software training course prerequisites:

This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics.
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