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Training & Certificate Of computer games sales manager


E-Learning & Certification of computer game sales manager is one of the most widely used courses. Computer games sales manager with tasks such as: – analyzing computer games – preparing and providing the newest and most suitable games – Establishing communication with the customer – store management – communicating transparently and constructively with government bodies. This job is related to jobs like computer repairmen (hardware) and computer programmers. The level of impressionability of children and teenagers in computer games reaches the highest possible level; Because according to research, children learn 20% of what they hear and 40% of what they see. This amount reaches more than 75% for what they see, hear and work with interest at the same time. Based on this, considering that children and teenagers see and hear in the process of playing computer games, and because of the fun nature of the game, they are interested in it and are willing to play for hours, strongly The content of such games are affected.

Advantages of computer games sales manager training course:

  • Ability to analyze the market of computer games in terms of variety of production, supply and demand
  • Ability to prepare and Providing the newest and most suitable games in the world in terms of quantity and quality
  • Ability to communicate and attract customers
  • Ability to describe and explain the types of games and their methods and finally sell the game Request

List of course titles E-Learning & Certification computer game sales manager:

  • Get to know Types of computer games
  • Educational computer games
  • Sociology of computer games
  • Principles of marketing
  • Strategic marketing management
  • Sales techniques
  • Interior design of the store

E-Learning & Certification course for computer game sales manager for majors The following is useful:

[list_positive] Software engineering, programming engineering [/list_positive]

Prerequisites for the computer game sales manager training course:

This course requires special prerequisites. It doesn’t exist, and the computer game sales manager course is taught from the ground up. Computer games sales manager madrak Manual
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