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Training & Certificate Of working with ICDL-WORD word processor


E-Learning & Certification of working with ICDL-WORD word processor: Microsoft Word is a word processing program that was first developed by Microsoft in 1983. Since then, Microsoft has released updated versions. Each of which offers more features and better technology than before. With Microsoft Word, you can choose from a variety of preset styles and designs. which provides an easy way to format long documents with just one click. You can also import images and videos from your computer and the Internet, draw shapes and insert any type of diagram. After completing this course, you will learn the most popular and popular tools of Microsoft Word and you will be able to confidently perform many tasks Microsoft Word with efficiency and grace.

What in the course E-Learning & Certification you will learn to work with ICDL-WORD word processor:

+ How to make the most of Microsoft Word + The basics of creating Microsoft Word documents + Different techniques for creating dynamic layouts + Preparing documents for printing and exporting + Format documents effectively using Microsoft Word Styles + Page and flow formatting Control with sections and page breaks + Create and manage table layouts + Work with Tab Stops to properly align content + Do mail merge to create mailing labels and letterheads + Create and submit Word forms + Manage templates + Tracking and accepting/rejecting changes in a document

Who is the ICDL-WORD training course suitable for?

+ This course is intended for students who wish to expand their skill set in Microsoft Word.

Prerequisites for this course:

It is not required and it is taught from the ground up.  


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