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E-Learning & Certification to receive the CE mark


E-Learning & Certification to get the CE mark, In today’s business, organizations and companies are looking for ways to compete, strengthen and optimize their products and activities. On the other hand, customers do not have the time and facilities to evaluate the purchased product. Therefore, by looking at global standards, he has been looking for products that conform to these standards. And then they buy goods. The attitude of the European society towards free trade and the free movement of goods prompted Europe to pave the way for free trade by compiling a new guide. The CE standard is provided for the purpose of mandatory standardization in many commercial and industrial products that are produced or exposed in the European Economic Area. These letters are the abbreviation of the French words Conformité Européenne. With The CEmark on the manufacturer’s product guarantees that the product complies with the essential requirements of the EC directives. Products that meet these conditions will be able to receive this mark.

Summary of this course:

This standard together specifies inspections at all stages from raw materials to the final product. which includes preparation, cultivation, packaging, labeling, handling, transfer, distribution, storage, how to present it according to Sharia regulations. All requirements of this standard are general and comprehensive. And it is intended for use by all organizations in the product chain, regardless of their size and complexity. And it includes organizations that are involved in one or more stages in this product chain. The provisions of this standard are included in “Product Certification Standard Provisions” in all organizations.

Course headings virtual learning Get CE mark:

+ Acquaintance with the technical provisions of the file to receive the CE certificate + Risk management + Getting to know Halal standard

Prerequisites of the training course to receive the CE mark:

This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics.
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