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E-Learning & Certification to identify the principles of open innovation in innovative businesses


.E-Learning & Certification to identify the principles of open innovation in innovative businesses: Use creativity and design thinking to transform your work environment! Do you want to make product improvements, better meet customer needs, or solve problems that are holding your company back? Add creativity and design thinking? Do you want to use creativity and design thinking, products, Create innovative new services or systems. That will expand and develop your business to a higher level? In this case, you should create an innovative organizational culture and a creative and friendly environment in the workplace. In this course, you will understand why creativity and innovation are more important to businesses today than ever before. You will examine why and how leading companies embrace creativity. Conventional models have turned business culture into a revolution. How to protect your organization from being disrupted or left behind in a rapidly changing business environment. You will learn how to create a cultural environment that fosters creativity. You’ll learn including creative blocks to avoid, such as micromanaging and overemphasizing efficiency, and how to create an idea feedback system for your managers to encourage the open sharing of ideas plus. Why a creative organizational culture is the key to attracting and retaining great talents, increasing morale and productivity, and ultimately you are the bottom line of the company.  

The E-Learning & Certification course identifying the principles of open innovation in innovative businesses Who is it useful for?

  • Business owners, managers or Team Leaders
  • Leaders who want to create a creative organizational culture.
  • Leaders who want to create innovation in the workplace.
  • Leaders of creative teams.
  By connecting diverse perspectives and creating an environment that accepts risk and eliminates the fear of failure. You will learn the best ways to use the abilities of your creative team. You will learn what “thinking outside the box” really means. How to overcome the mental traps that hold people and organizations back. You will master your creative thinking. So you can bring your full potential to the team and accelerate your career. And you will be able to teach creative thinking skills to your team. Allow them to reframe challenges into possibilities.   Prerequisites of this course: The course on identifying the principles of open innovation in innovative businesses does not require special prerequisites and the course is based on Training is given.


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