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Training & Certificate Of the principles and basics of management in sports organizations


E-Learning & Certification on the principles and basics of management in sports organizations, has been created to fully familiarize people with the principles and basics of management in sports organizations. >scientific principles and a professional career originated. Therefore, sports management is an important source of income and a full-time job for many people who are known as sports workers. Therefore, the term “employees” includes all people who have been active in the field of sports management and are working. Management experts in sports organizations seek to discover things such as goals, systems, organizational structure, policy and instructions, while organizational behaviorists in sports environments seek to study the effect of behavior and small human groups within sports organizations.

Course Headings E-Learning & Certification Principles and basics of management in sports organizations:

  • What is sports management?
  • What is sports? And how is it progressing?
  • What is ethnography and how is it applied to sports?
  • What is consumer behavior and how does sport relate to it?
  • The impact of sports on society
  • The values of sports and sports culture
  • How to promote equality through sports.
  • How sports and psychology are connected.
  • Why honesty and ethics are important in sports and sports management.
  • Ethical debates in modern sports and the future of sports ethics
  • What is strategic management and how can it be It used to gain a competitive advantage?
  • The importance of analysis in strategic management
  • What is corporate social responsibility and do sports people care about it?
  • How? Mega events and sport can be socially responsible.
  • Links between sport and economics
  • What is financial doping and is it fair?
  • Costs of mega events And are they really worth it?
  • The importance of sports financial support
  • What is sports development and why is it an important part of elite and community sports.
  • Future issues Sport development
  • How can a sport development program be improved?
  • What is sport marketing and who is the sport consumer?
  • What is the marketing mix?
  • How technology has helped shape sports for fans, athletes and coaches.

Who is this course for:

  • Sports management students
  • Those interested in marketing, sponsorship and business management
  • Sports managers
  • li>

Prerequisites for the course Principles and Basics of Management in Sports Organizations:

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and the course It is taught from the ground up. [/list_negative]
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