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E-Learning & Certification to familiarize yourself with welding


E-Learning & Certification of familiarization with welding makes people familiar with welding processes. Welding is one of the methods Production. Its purpose is to permanently connect engineering materials (metal, ceramic, polymer, composite) to each other in such a way that the properties of the connection are equal to the properties of the base material. Welding is the connection of two metal or non-metal parts to each other due to external factors such as heat and pressure, which today is considered an advanced and effective science in the service of industries, which in the past was considered an art. The historians of the first connection methods are attributed to the Chinese in the east and to the ancient Romans in the west. In three thousand years BC, the Chinese had learned the knowledge of joining some metals and non-metals, and the Romans used solders, which are used today with little change in new industries.

Types of welding:

  • Electric arc welding
  • Welding point
  • Welding of non-ferrous metals
  • Soldering
  • Electric and gas welding
  • Underwater welding and welding
  • Types of modern welding in military industries
  • Plastic welding

List of course headings E-Learning & Certification Introduction to welding:

+ Iranian construction welding regulations + UT ultrasonic test + inspection Steel welding + Principles of welding + Quality control and inspection principles in welding + Welding with E3 electronic arc process + Principles of VT visual inspection + Principles of visual inspection + Non-destructive tests

Welding introduction course is useful for the following disciplines:

  • Electronics
  • Electricity
  • Mechanics

Prerequisites for the welding training course:

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and the course is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]


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