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Powermail software E-Learning & Certification


E-Learning & Certification of PowerMill software, PowerMill software (in English: PowerMill) is one of the most valuable and prominent computer-aided manufacturing software, which is used to prepare the path of tool movement in CNC machines. CNC milling writing for G-CODE production is also available in other PowerMIL software, the most outstanding and unrivaled among them is the PowerMill software of Delcam company. Due to its unique capabilities and simplicity of working with it and providing perfect results, it is used in various industrial industries such as parts making, mold making, automobile manufacturing and aerospace worldwide. Powermill software includes different machining strategies, such as roughing, normal or high speed machining, and well-defined techniques and tools, covering a huge range of conventional and advanced CNC machines (up to five working axes). It can determine the best path for the movement of the tool on the workpiece, which results in reducing the machining time, improving the quality of the machining surface, and finally reducing the cost with the highest work efficiency. Summary of this course:

Machining steps

You can see the steps of creating a machining file in PowerMill summarized as follows: + (Setup) Making the initial settings: Before starting the machining operation, you must make the initial settings in the software. Bringing the model, defining the block to identify the primary material and determining other necessary parameters (such as tool, speed, spindle cycle, etc.) are among the important initial settings. + (Toolpath) Creating the tool path: In the next step, you will define the tool path with various methods that are available in the software. + (ViewMill) Machining view: Using ViewMill, you can simulate tools and tool paths in machining. In other words, you will see the path traveled by the tool in this software. +Final step: at the end of the machining path, we prepare an output with one of the following formats: + Standard cutting format + Duct image format + Code-G or Code- file format M

Course Headings E-Learning & Certification Powermail software:

+ Powermail training + Principles of working with Powermail + Understanding the Powermail software

Prerequisites of the Powermail software training course:

This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics.


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