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E-Learning & Certification of sports pathology


E-Learning & Certification Sport pathology (Sport pathology)

The topic of pathology and corrective movements is related to sports pathology, corrective movements, prevention and rehabilitation. Sports pathology is a science that examines injuries and damages caused by various physical activities. These injuries include: injuries and destruction of the soft tissues of the body such as nerve, muscle or other tissues such as ligaments, meniscus, bones, etc. Corrective movements are also one of the sports sciences whose purpose is to prevent and fix some physical abnormalities (neural, muscular such as SCI) by physical exercises. The people covered by this field include a range of people with physical and movement abnormalities, people who are exposed to sports injuries, and those with physical, mental and behavioral disabilities, who are referred to as disabled, sick and disabled. Sports injuries include mild injuries, moderate injuries, and severe injuries that a person should take less than a week to more than a week depending on the type of injury. May be away from training. The purpose of establishing the course of sports pathology and corrective movements is to train interested and expert people so that they can plan, guide and advise, coach and provide sports services to the people under their coverage in promoting physical and mental health and improving Try their movement and sports activities.

List of headings of the Sports Pathology degree:

+ Principles of biomechanics and movement analysis + Getting to know exercise physiology + Kinesiology + Getting to know the muscles of the human body + Sports pathology + Diagnosis and management of sports injuries + Shoulder injuries + Corrective movements and its importance + Correction of physical abnormalities

Prerequisites of the sports pathology course

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]


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