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Training & Certificate Of interior decoration


E-Learning & Certification of interior decoration is made in order to familiarize people with the basics and design of interior decoration. Interior decoration is: coordination designed to bring out colors, furniture and other objects in a room or building artistically. Interior decoration, like other arts, has style and trends and principles that undergo changes based on the tastes and needs of each period. Interior architecture is actually the creation of space, a space that is beautiful and effective as well as having the necessary functionality. By combining the principles and specialized elements of interior architecture with an aesthetic sense, the designer creates a space that represents the identity, needs, understanding and desires of the other party. Interior decoration of the connecting ring between two sciences architecture and interior design. On the one hand, like the science of architecture, this discipline is related to the building and its components and elements, and on the other hand, like interior design, it focuses on interior spaces. The science of architecture is related to issues with a metropolitan scale, but the field of interior architecture is on a human scale and in relation to public and personal spaces, and the result is the relationship between humans and the world around them. In addition to consuming enough knowledge in the field of architecture, the interior architect analyzes and examines the sense of architectural spaces in a way that creates a sense of belonging and integration in the space, and in other words, looks at the architecture of the space from the perspective of its residents or users.

Is interior decoration a popular art?

In today’s world, most of people’s lives are spent indoors. Although we all spend time in the open space to have fun and escape from the closed environment, but the same joy caused by separation from the closed environment is an indication of the amount of time we spend in the rooms. For this reason, interior decoration with appropriate quality is the best way to improve our professional, academic and life status.

List of course titles E-Learning & Certification Interior decoration:

+ Artistic stylistics in architecture + Color in interior design + Acquaintance with construction materials + Technical drawing + Light and architecture + 3D Max training + Interior decoration design and implementation

Interior decoration training course is useful for the following disciplines is:

  • Urban Planning
  • Graphics
  • Architecture

Course prerequisites Interior decoration training :

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]


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