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Photography E-Learning & Certification


Photography E-Learning & Certification, In this course we learn that photography is one of the most diverse fields in the art sector. Skilled photographers are needed in various companies including news agencies, electronic media, modeling agencies, wildlife photography, etc. Photography literally means the method of photography. It is also called the act and job of a photographer. This art in most languages of the world photography is a combination of two Greek words photo meaning light and graph meaning Registration or writing. Therefore, photography means drawing with light. Photography has three scientific, industrial and artistic aspects; It was born as a scientific phenomenon, developed as an industry and established as an art. Photography was not discovered and perfected by one person, but it is the result of the efforts of many people in different fields and their discoveries and innovations throughout history. And years before the invention of photography, the basis of the work of the camera existed. Photography, like other arts and sciences, needs its own tools and equipment. Some tools play an essential role in creating a photo, and their absence makes the photography process impossible, and some others help the photographer to record a better image in addition to the speed of action and saving time. Cultivating experts in the field of photography is the main goal of this course. In the photography training course, the student is taught the general principles of work in this field, both theoretically and how to use tools, and the student learns how to work with relevant software and tools in order to record worthy works.

Advantages and disadvantages of photography:

  • Enjoying a great photo.
  • Seeing beauty in everything.
  • Appreciating light more.
  • li>
  • You get paid to do what you love.
  • You capture a moment in time.
  • You are never in too many photos.
  • You are very fond of images.

Course Titles E-Learning & Certification Photography Photography:

  • Comprehensive photography
  • Digital photography
  • Lighting in photography
  • Photography in graphic works
  • 101 photography training
  • Photography master class
  • Flash photography training

The photography course is useful for the following fields:

  • Graphic
  • Journalism
  • Science
  • Biology Astronomy
  • Astronomy

Prerequisites of the photography training course:

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and the course is based on It is taught. [/list_negative] Digital work registration Photography free sample certificate madrak educational standard Manual


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