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E-Learning & Certification responsible for inquiries and tenders


E-Learning & Certification responsible for inquiries and tenders: It is a job in the field of finance and commerce. This job has abilities such as the use of job regulations, the use of general and economic laws and conditions of the contract. It includes collecting, analyzing and analyzing information, selecting and identifying suppliers, providing information, collecting points, announcing results, and preparing reports. It is also related to jobs such as purchase manager, business manager and legal department.

Some capabilities of the inquiry process:

  1. Creating work justice between contractors through the division of work
  2. possibility of registering inquiries manually or through the system
  3. separation of medium and partial inquiries
  4. possibility of selection The winner outside the formalities
  5. SMS notification to authorized contractors
  6. Possibility of viewing inquiry documents and pricing in various ways by each contractor at the designated time
  7. Possibility Extending the inquiry time
  8. Checking the proposed prices and completed inquiry documents by managers
  9. Possibility to send and print the contract in the contractor and organization folder
  10. Having the ability to set the start and Termination of the contract
  11. Completely web-based and online with the ability to link with other systems

The process of holding tenders is as follows:

  1. Providing financial resources
  2. Determining the type of tender in large transactions
  3. Preparing tender documents
  4. Qualitative evaluation of bidders if necessary
  5. Call for tenders
  6. Evaluation of offers
  7. Determining the tender winner and concluding the contract

Course headings E-Learning & Certification In charge of inquiries and tenders:

+ Ability to use ritual Letters and job instructions

+ Ability to apply the rules of agreements and general conditions and special contract

+ the ability to collect, analyze and analyze related information To the subject of the tender

+ Ability to choose suppliers

+ Ability to provide information on the web, use tender announcement and inquiry solutions

+ the ability to collect envelopes and announce the best supplier to conclude a contract

+ Ability to prepare and receive reports

Prerequisites of the E-Learning & Certification course responsible for inquiries and tenders:

+ This course does not require special prerequisites and is based on the training It will be given.  


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