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Training & Certificate Of MTCUME engineer


E-Learning & Certification of MTCUME engineer: Due to the increase of users and devices in the network as well as the number of resources. Including: Internet access, user access to servers in the network. Such as: automations, printers, e-mail servers, etc., should be determined for each user according to his needs to access these resources, the amount of bandwidth, the amount of usable volume, etc. This requires the permanent management of users in an integrated and comprehensive manner. One of the platforms that gives you this possibility is Mikrotik RouterBoard. which is used in most organizations without the need to add a new physical server or a virtual machine to the physical server. Mikrotik Company (MikroTik ) has provided a service called Userman to manage network users and control the amount of Internet usage. Is. Due to the reasonable prices, Mikrotik routers are a serious competitor for other companies active in this field and can help improve network services. In the MikroTik User Manager service, services such as creating custom profiles, creating users based on created profiles. User bandwidth management, changing the login page as desired, etc. have been created. In Mikrotik network routers, you can define users with different access levels depending on the type of configuration you have done. For example, users with VPN access levels or users with PPPOE connection levels, etc. Depending on the type of connections you have configured in the Mikrotik router, you have given permission to the Internet or any other permission to the user. But in order to manage the network, it is better for you to have the power of monitoring, or in other words, monitoring the career behavior. The User Manager module is one of the modules that you can install on the Mikrotik router to manage users for yourself as a network administrator, such as: + the ability to view the time Connecting and disconnecting the user to the network + Ability to view the download and upload volume used by the user + The possibility of limiting the user’s usage time + You can limit the download and upload volume of the user.  

What’s in the Virtual Learning MTCUME Engineer course > You will learn:

+ PPTP tunnel protocol + Configure the PPTP server + Configure PPTP server + L2TP tunnel protocol + Configure L2TP Server + Configure L2TP Server + PPPoE server and client configuration + PPPoE theory + Internet services provide via PPPoE + Create QOS queue for PPPoE clients + Enable EOIP tunnel with Configure bridges + Configure BCP with PPTP + Use MLPPP + Theory of IPSEC IKEv1 and IKEv2 + Understand what hashing is  

Other headings of this course:

+ Types of encryption + IPSEC Know IKE Phase 1 and IKE Phase2 + Using NAT Traversal in IPSEC + Correct configuration Site-to-Site IPSEC + Understand What is Hotspot + Configure MikroTik Hotspot + Hotspot login methods (http, MAC, cookie, https, test) + How Create users in hotspot + Monitor hotspot users + How to create a profile in hotspot + How to bypass the hotspot using Walled gargen and IP connection + How to customize the Hotspot Using ads and page customization

Who is this course for?

+ Engineers who want to MikroTik user management professional to be able to configure the topics of this course in their networks + Students and engineers who want to prepare for the MikroTik MTCUME exam &nbsp ; Prerequisites of this course: + Preferably have MikroTik MTCNA level + have basic knowledge of network and TCP/IP  


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