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E-Learning & Certification for animating movies and computer games with Maya


E-Learning & Certification for animation of movies and computer games with Maya, to introduce people to the basics of animation and games with Software becomes Maya. He is an animator of movies and computer games with Maya in the field of information technology. Among the merits of this job, we can mention the installation, setup and creation of 9D volumes in Maya, specialized animation in Maya, specialized modeling in Maya, specialized rendering in Maya, dynamic, programming in Maya. Animator of movies and computer games with Maya is related to all businesses of game making, film making and multimedia production.

Definition of Autodesk Maya software:

This software was previously developed by Alias ​​Systems, but Autodesk took all rights to it. This software also runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. Maya is a highly developed software with advanced features which are explained below. It has motion graphics features such as nodal and motion graphics toolset. It also has 3D animation features such as parallel rig evaluation, Geodesic Voxel connection, general animation tools, time editor, etc.

Advantages of this software:

This software has many advantages in the field of visuals, some of its advantages are listed below:
  • It works faster and provides optimal performance to users.
  • The work can be checked at a faster speed, which saves time.
  • Maya has many dynamic effects, which allows for a lot of creativity.
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    List of course headings E-Learning & Certification Animating movies and computer games with Maya:

    + Maya software training + Maya software basics + Mastering Autodesk

    The course of animation of movies and computer games with Maya is useful for the following fields:

    • Computer
    • Soft engineering Software
    • Graphics

    Prerequisites for the training course on animating movies and computer games with Maya:

    [list_negative] This course meets the prerequisites There is no special requirement and the course is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]


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