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E-Learning & Certification of metalworking


E-Learning & Certification of metalworking, metalworking is an industry in which a person separates a metal from other elements and shapes metal products. Metalworking is a big part of science and civilization of humanity today. This science includes the study of the properties of all metals. This industry is divided into two sectors. Before separating and purifying from other elements. and the second shaping after melting, how to shape it. Currently, more than 70% of the required metals are widely used in various industries after the separation process from metal-bearing rocks. Most metals are in the form of <a style="color: #ff6600;" href=" Chemical composition are chemical compounds or mixtures. . For example, copper is found in 240 types of rocks. The highest amount is the remaining iron and sulfur in bornite CuFeS4 (63.3%). Most of the metals are separated by heating and some by chemical interaction. Most metal smelting factories produce several types of metal, which are called black and non-ferrous metals.

Summary of this period:

Archaeological research has shown that in the ancient and then iron age, pottery still showed its superiority over metal. But gradually people realized the various capabilities and properties of metals such as melting ability, hardness, strength and durability. And they have become more familiar with the functionality of metals. So that in making some tools for hunting, war and agriculture, metal is substituted for bone, stone and wood and pottery have been shown. Therefore, since the beginning of the use of metal in the 8th millennium BC, metal objects have played a major role in the composition and formation of human civilization. and played a special role. And it has always been with him as a part of the essentials of human life. Metal can be used as the most important evidence in scientific, historical, and archeological research due to its stability, durability, material resistance, lack of impact and breaking, and remaining in its original form. The only thing that caused the destruction of old metal objects was the profiteering of ignorant people who, in their greed, melted down the precious metal objects after digging and turned them into pure ingots and sold them in the markets.

Course headings virtual learning metalwork:

+ Recognition of metals and their extraction, metalworking training

Prerequisites of the metalworking training course:

This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics.


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