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Training & Certificate Of lighting design and lighting with Dialux


E-Learning & Certification of lighting design and lighting with Dialux , Dialux software is one of the most popular and professional software in the design and management of lighting in human structures. This software is one of the well-known software due to its simple, integrated design, high precision and elegance. DIALux software was initially only available in the DIALux version, but later, this company presented the DIALux evo version, which increases the speed of the DIALux software by using programming algorithms. Also, the user spends less time to “render-process” the projects. spends Of course, you should keep in mind that a number of functions are lost for this speed. However, the company’s recommendation is to use the Evo version indirectly. This course is for beginners who want to learn the basic functions of Dialux evo software. This training course has 5 sections, which include various videos and practical training. There are many tips and tricks in this field, including hands-on information about designing light. Tutorials: PDF, DWG and Dialux evo files are included.  

What you will learn in this course:

  • You will get to know the principles of light design.
  • After this course, you will confidently use Dialux evo software. did.
  E-Learning & Certification course on lighting design and lighting with Dialux Who is it useful for?  
  • Beginner lighting designers
  • Architect
  • Interior designer
  • Landscape architect
  • Lighting manufacturer
  • lighting vendors
  Prerequisites of this course: The lighting and lighting design course with Dialux does not require special prerequisites and the course is based on training is given.


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