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Training & Certificate Of introductory accounting


Introductory accounting E-Learning & Certification has been created to fully familiarize people with introductory accounting. Accounting is the technique of recording, classifying and summarizing the financial activities of an institution in the form of figures and numbers that can be measured to money and interpreting the results of Check these figures. In fact, accounting is an information system that helps investors, creditors, managers and the government make better decisions about economic issues by providing the necessary information. This course is designed to learn the basic concepts of accounting from the beginning. So at the end of it, the user will be able to collect his accounts to determine his periodic income and financial position and make better financial decisions in life or business. The course begins by developing a simple definition of accounting, followed by a simple explanation of the accounting process. The most valuable feature of this course is that it helps the user understand the accounting elements through simple explanations and examples that help the user identify the accounting elements with maximum confidence.

Course Title Education Virtual Introductory Accounting:

  • Define accounting simply and understand the elements of accounting with confidence.
  • Record the transactions in the balance sheet accounts and the balance sheet accounts.
  • Prepare the trailing balance and prepare the profit and loss statement and the financial position statement. li>Prepare alternative and simple forms of income statement and statement of financial position to analyze periodic income and financial position based on customized needs.
  • For better financial decisions to improve income and position. Financial.


  • Ability to understand simple English.
  • Willingness to learn accounting principles (without prior knowledge about accounting required).
  • You need to make better and more informed financial decisions in life and/or business.

Who is this course for:

  • No specific target student can enroll and learn how to make better financial decisions in life or business using accounting principles.

Introductory accounting course prerequisites:

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and the course is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]


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How to Achieve RCO Certificate
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