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Training & Certificate Of internet sales expert


E-Learning & Certification of internet sales expert: Sales « sales ” to It is a set of activities that one person – the seller – performs to help the buyer choose the desired product. This product; It is either a physical product or a type of service that the buyer chooses and uses through the seller. Brian Tracy: Sales is the final marketing operation in a transaction and the beginning of a long-term relationship with a customer.

More details:

Internet sales specialist is a career in finance and business. This job has abilities such as working in the internet and web environment, applying and analyzing consumer behavior, customer orientation. Sales forecasting is the use of market distribution channels and marketing of domestic and foreign markets. And it is related to jobs such as business manager, sales manager, financial manager and machine service manager.

What’s in the course E-Learning & Certification Internet sales expert you will learn:

+ Learn how to build a website from scratch using WordPress Launch
+ What is Search Engine Optimization and how it can benefit your website
+ How to generate traffic for your sites using different methods
+ How to make money from the website self
+ Do keyword brainstorming and research
+ Customize appearance and install themes
+ Maintain, back up and protect your website

Who is this course for:

+ People considering WordPress for small businesses + Business owners or employees responsible for the website Their company + people who want to get information Are brand new to internet marketing and setting up a site

Prerequisites of the internet sales expert course:

[list_negative] + This course has special prerequisites It is not required and the course is taught from the basics.
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+ stable high speed internet connection (for watching videos)
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