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Training & Certificate Of internet net carver


Preliminary internet carver E-Learning & Certification: The word internet (in lower case) used to mean “continuous movements” as a verb or an adjective, but later when the internet came into being, the word Internetwork was named on it. This word consists of two parts Inter and Network. As you know, the prefix Inter is usually used to mean “between” such as International. From the combination of these two words, Internetwork is created in the meaning of “inter-network”. This word was later shortened to Internet. Other names of the Internet include The Net and The Internet. The Internet is a global network, so without knowing the meaning of “network” it will be difficult to understand. A network is a number of connected computers that are connected and able to transfer data and information. Suppose several friends are sitting in the same room, each of these people actually represents “a computer”. In this group, all people are in communication with each other and are able to speak and convey their words to others. This sum is called a network. A network can have 2 computers or infinite computers!  

What you will learn in the E-Learning & Certification course Introductory Internet Network Worker:

+ Working with network cables + Creating a local area network (LAN) + Establishing communication using ping and ipconfig + Dealing with a DNS + Configuring routers + Setting up a wireless network + Troubleshooting Internet connections + Connecting from Remote to desktop + Transfer files and choose file sharing options   Prerequisites of this course: + This course does not require any special prerequisites and is based on Training is given.  


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