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Internet network carver E-Learning & Certification


E-Learning & Certification of internet network carver: Among the four words mentioned in the title of this lesson, network (Network) is considered the oldest word. A network is created whenever a number of members in a set are connected to each other. In this case, each member is called a node and each communication line is called an edge or connection. Human communication networks, social networks, brain neural networks, urban water supply network and power transmission network are all examples of a network. But as a rule, when we talk about a network in the digital space, we mean two or more digital devices that are connected to each other. Internet network carver is related to the field of information technology and the field of other jobs that work with computers.  

Capabilities of Internet network operator:

+ Internet access + Browsing the World Wide Web + Safe and secure browsing on the web + Searching for information on the web + Doing Public Affairs on the Web + Working with Internet Media + Social networking + Online shopping + Communicate via email + Improve email security and privacy + Communicate via chat and instant messaging + Create and read blogs  

Advantages of the Internet

+ The Internet is a network of computers designed to receive and send data in the form of email, blog, webcast, etc. has been + Internet is a huge server with a lot of information and this information is used by billions of people at the same time. + The Internet is a network that connects smaller networks. All modern technologies are connected to each other through the Internet.  

What you will learn in the internet network carver E-Learning & Certification course:

+ NAT execution + VPN site access and remote site + VPN connections to the cloud + Planning Site-to-Site VPN + Configuring NPS + Using RADIUS to ensure Remote Access + NPS Templates + Enforce connection-specific policies  

Prerequisites of this course:

+ This course does not require special prerequisites and is based on Education It will be given.  


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