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E-Learning & Certification in demand in transportation


E-Learning & Certification of demand in transportation: The rapid economic and population growth of big cities and the increase in private car ownership, along with the limited urban transportation infrastructures and the ineffectiveness of public transportation in big cities, cause an increase Private cars are used in these cities. Transport sector planners, understanding the adverse effects of this phenomenon in urban life and its extensive economic-social-environmental effects, have used various strategies to control and mitigate the effects of this situation under the title of transportation demand management. It is categorized. In this training course, comprehensive review about Demand in transportation and its concepts.

Summary of this course:

Considering that always increasing supply and running facilities can be seen as the only solution to improve the condition and performance of various facilities and systems, demand management methods are proposed as a method to achieve the desired goals. They become Nowadays, due to the limited available resources and the inability to expand and increase the supply of travel demand management methods as important and effective solutions in improving the performance and increasing the service level of transportation systems in cities, especially large cities, It counts.

The basis of this method can be stated based on the following three general scenarios:

– The scenario of reducing trips and completely eliminating a part of them – Distribution of the time of occurrence of trips and spreading them in different hours – Changing the travel pattern from transportation private to public systems

course headings E-Learning & Certification demand in transportation:

+ Fast transportation + Planning and transportation + Planning models in transportation + Urban transportation management + Road and road transportation + Travel demand management in urban transportation + The country’s transportation master plan + An introduction to transportation engineering

Prerequisites for the transportation demand training course:

[list_negative] + This course requires It does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]


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