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E-Learning & Certification of transportation planning


Transport planning E-Learning & Certification: In all communities, transportation, whether urban or intercity, plays a major role in economic, social, cultural and even political fields. No society is complete without a well-developed and well-planned transportation system. Based on the reasonable needs of that society, it cannot witness progress in the above fields and be able to compete with other societies. In addition, the amount of investment that is usually in the fields of transportation and traffic has been implemented and will form very large and significant numbers Gives. Therefore, without paying attention to scientific issues and correct planning, the return of these funds is insignificant and causes a pity for public property. Today, transportation and traffic are effective in the lives of individuals and have various effects on the environment and the health of society. The role of education and research and the presence of qualified experts in this field is absolutely obvious and necessary. Considering the above, which was very briefly stated, the necessity of participating in the transportation planning training course for those interested and professionals is quite evident.

Course headings Virtual Learning Transportation Planning:

+ Transportation Engineering + Traffic Engineering + Principles of Traffic Engineering + General road conditions and road construction + Analysis of transportation systems

+ Traffic engineering

+ Railway + Engineering planning Transportation + Advanced econometrics + Modeling in transportation planning + Transportation Engineering + Operations Research

Prerequisite for the transportation planning training course Quote:

[list_negative] + This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]


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